Frequently Asked Questions On Measures D&E

"I've heard that Measure D increases the sales tax but there is no assurance that the money will be spent on public safety services."

Measure E is the assurance that Measure D funds will be spent on public safety services because Measure E holds the city council publicly accountable to spend revenue raised with Measure D according to the will of the people.

To ensure this happens, the following safeguards have been put in place:

  1. Funds will be placed in a separate bank account
  2. Every year an independent audit of the funds will be conducted by a licensed accounting firm
  3. A citizens advisory committee will review the audit and City Council expenditures to ensure monies are spent on public safety services.

"Why do Measures D&E create a general tax instead of a special tax?"

City leaders decided to create Measures D&E the same way the Anderson City Council created their sales tax for public safety in June 2014. A general tax only requires a simple majority to pass. A special tax with a legal requirement to spend money a certain way requires a 2/3rds majority vote. Realizing that over 56% of the population voted in favor of the public safety special sales tax in Redding in 2014, the City Council made the smart choice to create a general tax with an advisory measure as it has the best chance of winning so that we do not prolong the benefits associated with the Blueprint for Public Safety.

"Will any of the money raised from this tax be spent on pensions for retired public employees?"

No. The unfunded pensions are a separate issue. The City of Redding already has a plan to pay down these obligations. Revenue collected from D&E are above and outside the current pension obligation plan and will be spent only on public safety services.

"Who is on the Citizen's Advisory Committee?"

The advisory committee consists of: Ryan Denham, Stephanie Bridgett, Larry Schaller, Shawn Bernardi, Steven Jahr, Jake Mangas (alternate).

"Which City Council Candidates support Safe Streets NOW?"

Julie Winter and Lea Tate openly support and have helped with the Measure D&E campaign. Gary Cadd and Adam McElvain do not support Safe Streets NOW.

"When will the new sales tax go into effect?"

If Measures D&E pass, the sales tax will go into effect on April 1, 2017. However, the City Council plans to use city reserves to start funding the plan immediately upon D&E passing.

"How will Measures D&E appear on the ballot, and how do I make sure my vote is counted?"

Measures D&E Will appear on the ballot in the following way. In order to make your vote count, you need to vote "yes" on both measures.